Porsche Factoid:

Porsche's first car-class win at Le Mans came in 1951. At the wheel of a model 356 were French drivers Veuillet and Mouche in car #46.



Consider the image above in comparison to the Porsche of today's Le Mans in the video below...

Best-Practice Porsche Oil Change Intervals

At 3,000 rpm, a Porsche's piston moves back and fourth 100 times per second. Pistons and other engine parts survive this brutal dance due in part to a thin, cushioning layer of oil. The cleaner (purer) that cushioning layer is, the better the separation between moving parts is. In other words, less friction. And less friction is a fine thing for an engine's durability / lasting performance. In contrast, allow particles from internal wear & combustion and repeating heat cycles---that cooks the performance out of oil---to go unattended and an engine is guaranteed premature wear. Wear that could have been prevented. So, when should your model Porsche's type engine oil be changed to new?

Oil & Filter Change Intervals:

Normally aspirated engine - Synthetic oil at 5,000 miles

Fossil oil at 3,500

Turbo - Fossil oil at 3,000 miles

Best-Practice - For high-performance Porsche engine care

where lubrication is concerned, and when consistently tracking your car on weekends... Reduce given intervals in half.






at Le Mans 2017

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