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Porsche Body Werks



There are two areas my shop attends regarding Porsche Body Werks:

1.) Aesthetic and aerodynamic tuning. This encompasses the alteration of your Porsche by the changing/adjusting body panels, air dams, wheels, and spoilers for example. There are any number of aftermarket body parts to achieve the look and performance you're interested in. I'll consult with you on what parts will fit your Porsche's year & model in the event you need this assistance. Of course I offer the capability to make any install. Should you be interested in adjustments to existing body parts, I'm with you on that too. Simply tell me what you're looking for.




Blue Porsche front hood showing paint blistering
Blue Porsche front hood that has been correctly painted

Above: Hood seen at left suffers a poor prior prep and paint job. Same blistering appears all around the car but the hood is the worst of it. Speaking with the owner, I know returning to the P&B shop that did this work is out of the question---his experience with that shop was terrible. (Does it even make sense to go back to the shop that did this sort of work? Not in my opinion.) At right, I solved my customer's hood problem with a different body shop who I know did the job correctly because of my reputation and oversight. A lifetime warranty is provided. And walking away on good terms means that warranty means something to the owner.

Below: Porsche getting a rear-end-only refinishing. To match new paint color to existing, old paint requires a body shop with genuine skill. Paint codes are only a "starting point." Formula modifications are made and tested until an excellent match between old and new colors are achieved. Reason for this challenge: fade. Next question: over time, will the new paint fade like the old paint? No body shop is going to guarantee even the same manufacturers paint applied in the same manner with the same top coat fading exactly like an older coating. In this case, my customer understood and accepted this fact and chose the path taken in order to put money elsewhere in this Porsche. The color match---existing to new paint---on this Porsche is excellent. Compliments to Renier for this fine work and for being available to meticulousness.

Below: Inside a Porsche's right rear fender well. Multiple oil leaks on the right side of the car, in particular the "S" hose, have been left unattended. Result: a layer of "elephant skin" 3/8" thick lining the inside of this body area and on the chassis. Entire well was pressure cleaned. Body shed a few pounds of needless weight in the process and repairs to the oil system were made.

Targa cap has been sand blasted on all sides, then powder coated in a satin black finish. New emblem completes this body part for re-installation.

Porche's hood having been coated with zinc chromate then sanded to check the surface. This media is used by the aircraft industry to protect aircraft metal from surface deterioration.

Porsche Factoids:

Porsche's original model 356's body was designed by Porsche employee Erwin Komenda. First made in Austria, the premier 356 was road certified on June 8,1948. Then entered in a race in Innsbruck, the 356 won that race in its class and the beginnings of the Porsche racing brand began. Early 356 bodies made in Gmund were hand crafted out of aluminum. When the company moved to Zuffenhausen, the 356 was steel-bodied. Early 356 models with aluminum bodies are referred to as "prototypes."


2.) "Body" is also paint & body ("P&B") work. My shop does NOT do this sort of work. Instead, I serve two roles in this area: a.) Am a quality assurance supervisor for Porsche owners that prefer not to deal with the intricacies of ensuring whatever P&B work is done to their car, is done correctly. b.) I prep a car or body parts for the paint & body shop that will do your P&B work. In either case, my shop can assume responsibility to fine tune body parts once P&B is completed---or supervise the P&B shop to make final adjustments if they're capable. My shop assumes these roles because many paint & body shops do not have the skills & craftsmanship to correctly attend a Porsche's disassembly and reassembly. Even supposedly "high quality" paint & body shops are increasingly lacking the skilled people to do high quality work. 

        Does it cost you more for my assuming responsibility for quality assurance? If you value your sanity and only want to see your Porsche in good order when all's said and done... my body work supervision is a bargain you'll value.

        For older Porsches, it's increasingly difficult to find body shops willing to work on these fine cars no matter their condition. What matters is age. There are any number of reasons given but to cut to the chase: older cars are not profitable for most paint & body shops to deal with. Reason: nuts, bolts, and body panels may be rusted or modified making disassembly and moreso reassembly more time consuming than standards allow. Bottom line, insurance companies do not cover the "delicate care" required of older Porsches---any older cars for that matter.

         What I can intelligently do is supplement a body shop by disassembling and reassembling a Porsche needing paint & body. I know where the "issue areas" are and can even look and discuss them with you in advance. If there's an insurance claim, this needs to be approved in advance to be sure this is agreeable between all parties involved.



Body / flares, wheels and duck tail have been added to this Porsche to make it an "RSR Clone."

Left: Door had from salvage yard. I've stripped it of parts prior to it going for exterior paint & body work. When this door returns, all the good parts from the owner's rusted door will be installed in this. Parcel to this paint & body work is the servicing of window components at my shop while the door is being painted. 

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Porsche® 2020 911  (919)

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Esthetic and aerodynamic tuning.

Considered a hypercar, the 918 generates 887 hp from a normally aspirated v-8 engine + 2 electric motors. An all-wheel drive car, the 918's top speed is around 201 mph. Listed for $847,000., Porsche intends to make 918 units as a 2015 model. Production began on September 18, 2013 and sold out in December of 2014. On September 4, 2013, a 918 fitted with the optional Weissach package, was the first street-legal production car to break the 7 minute barrier at Nurburgring.