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Porsche Body



GP attends three aspects in regard to Porsche body works:

Aesthetic and Aerodynamic Tuning


The changing and/or adjusting of body panels, air dams, wheels, and spoilers. There are any number of aftermarket body parts to achieve the look and performance you're interested in. 


Blue Porsche front hood showing paint blistering
Blue Porsche front hood that has been correctly painted

Above: Hood seen at left suffers a poor prior prep and paint job. Same blistering appears all around the car but the hood is the worst of it. Speaking with the owner, it's a given that returning to the P&B shop that did this work is out of the question---his experience with that shop has come to an end. (Does it even make sense to go back to the shop that did this sort of work?) At right, same hood having been redone by a genuinely professional P&B shop.

Below: Porsche getting a rear-end-only refinishing. Most P&B shops decline splitting a car like this due to the challenge of matching new paint to old. To make this match, skill and time are required. The original paint code is just a starting point. Formula modifications are made and proofed until an excellent match is achieved.

Porsche in professional paint & body paint booth with masked off areas showing rear end of car being only area havin been painted

Targa cap has been sand blasted on all sides, then powder coated in a satin black finish. New emblem completes this body part for re-installation.

GP Hod 10 Wide.jpg

Porche's hood having been coated with zinc chromate then sanded to check the surface. This media is used by the aircraft industry to protect aircraft metal from surface deterioration.


Porsche's original model 356's body was designed by Porsche employee Erwin Komenda. First made in Austria, the premier 356 was road certified on June 8,1948. Then entered in a race in Innsbruck, the 356 won that race in its class and the beginnings of the Porsche racing brand began. Early 356 bodies made in Gmund were hand crafted out of aluminum. When the company moved to Zuffenhausen, the 356 was steel-bodied. Early 356 models with aluminum bodies are referred to as "prototypes."

Right side of Porsche with body made to look like RSR

Paintless Ding Repair


Minor dings in your Porsche body panels---typically the door panels---can be repaired. Being a "paintless" repair, this is for dings where the body panel has been deflected but the painted surface remains in tact. Where a ding includes paint that has been penetrated, this usually represents a more aggressive ding that may or may not be possible to eliminate. Call the shop for more information.

Paint & Body Consulting, Prep & Support


GP AutoWerks does NOT do P&B work. Instead, GP serves two roles in this area: a.) As a quality assurance supervisor for Porsche owners that prefer not to deal with the intricacies of P&B work. b.) GP preps car and/or body parts for the paint & body shop that will do the P&B work. In either case, GP can assume responsibility to fine tune body parts once P&B is completed. This ensures Porsche fit standards being satisfied.

        Does it cost you more for GP to assume responsibility for quality assurance? If you value your sanity and only want to see your Porsche in good order when all's said and done... GP body work supervision is a bargain you'll value.

        For older Porsches, it's increasingly difficult to find body shops willing to work on these fine cars no matter their condition. There are any number of reasons given. Bottom line: older cars are not profitable for most paint & body shops to deal with. Reason: nuts, bolts, and body panels may be rusted or modified making disassembly and reassembly more time consuming than insurance standards allow.

         If there's an insurance claim being dealt with, be sure at the outset that all parties are agreeable to the repairs required. If damages not found initially are discovered later, a "supplement" will likely be required.

NOTE: An intelligent practice is to have photos of your entire Porsche in a secure location. If there's ever any question as to the status of your car, you'll have that reference. More, if your car's involved in an accident and now in for body repairs, take photos of the entire car---inside & out---doing so in front of the body shop manager. He or she will then know there's a conditional record of your car. When body work is completed, inspect the ENTIRE car before making payment or accepting the car as "done." Reason: It's not unusual for body shops to make repairs while at the same time DOING damage. This is increasingly prevalent as body shops hire and allow unqualified workers to make repairs. 

Body / flares, wheels and duck tail have been added to this "RSR Clone."

Owner's 911 door was suffering from rust in typical places. Replacement door in good form is had from salvage yard at a reasonable price. Before an investment in refinishing, it's essential to make sure the door fits the owner's car. (Never assume a salvaged part fits before it actually does. There's no telling what a used part has experienced, particularly body parts.) With fit confirmed, the door heads to P&B. The door does not leave the paint & body shop, and payment is not made by the customer before the door's inspected. Upon approval, the door returns to GP for final installation.

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Below: Inside a Porsche's right rear fender well. Multiple oil leaks caused this. In particular, the "S" hose. The layer of "elephant skin" here is 3/8" thick. Way to remove this quickly and efficiently is pressure cleaning---water only. A few pounds of needless weight were shed. Needed repairs followed to end all oil leaks.

Porsche 930 old passenger side stone gua
Porsche 930 new passenger side stone gua

Top photo shows Porsche 930 turbo stone guard incorrectly installed. Bottom photo is stone guard in correct position---30mm from lip edge of wheel well.

Porsche 911 door from salvage yard
Porsche 911 driver's door is stripped of parts
Porsche interior black door panel is ful
Porsche driver's door freshly painted in silver to match owners car color
Silver Porsche 911 with newly painted do
Porsche 356 being made by hand at Gmund



In the early seventies, Porsche---with Ernst Fuhrmann as Chairman---determined that the 930 had taken the 911 concept as far as it could go. Porsche leadership also believed the brand would benefit by shifting from sport to a grand touring product. And so the 928---Porsche's only front engine, water cooled V-8 offering. A 2 + 2 cabin config with 50/50 weight distribution at the axles, early editions were delivered with 219 HP for the US market and 240 HP in other markets. Base price for early models: $26,000. A total of 61,067 units were produced from 1977 to 1995.  At the end of the 928's production, fully loaded GTS models in the US went for around $100,000. making the 928 one of the most expensive cars on the road at the time. The 928 did not live up to Porsche's sales expectations. In 1995, the company shipped 77 GTS models to the US then discontinued 928 production. 

1986 miami porsche 928 s 5 ltr 32 valve v8


Porsche® 2020 911  (992) -

Video presentation courtesy of Porsche N.A. Permission on file.

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Your Porsche


Porsche body design. Beautiful as is. That said, improvements, made with skill, can make what's great even greater. Have a body form you want to get to? P&B issues? Or, perhaps your car's trim could use a refresh. From simple Porsche body attention to the intricate, GP knows your Porsche inside & out. Here, you'll have many years of Porsche experience addressing your interests. Expert fitting. And solutions engineered & installed for enduring high performance. 


miami porsche 930 tea tray rubber trim is replaced with new









P&B Attention

To know more about your Porsche body options along with GP services related to paint & body shops, please call. Or, visit the desktop site. There, you'll find much more Porsche body info and many captioned GP photos. Curious Porsche facts are also provided. Visit:

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1976 porsche 911 in miami with contemporary front bumper
miami porsche 911 with whale tail installed
1979 porsche with flared fenders added to make it a miami widebody
new chin spoiler in position on 1979 porsche 930 in miami
miami porsche targa body trim at top of window frame that is called the pizza slice
new porsche hood badge in position on hood in miami
Porsche Logo on Porsche Service Repair P
Porsche Club of America Logo on Porsche

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