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Making you as safe and comfortable as you choose.

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A look inside
Porsche's 918 Spyder.

Porsche factoid:

Moments in history are inevitably frozen in time by the visual style of the era. This is true of all creations from fashion to architecture... and automobile interiors. Below, a 1954 356 interior next to a 2015 918. 




Safety is paramount... always. Moreso when the car is sports oriented like your Porsche. Moreso still when driving competitively. Of course street and track require distinctly different interiors.

          Comfort comes in second place to safety but often resides foremost in our minds. In any case, we repair, refine, restore, develop & install interiors of all variations---for your street or racing Porsche.


Air Conditioning

A cold AC ranks among the top comfort related interior priorities in the Miami local. Your Porsche has seven primary AC components of interest. Each must be in proper working order for your AC system to effectively provide you a cool, comfortable cabin. Components are:

1.) Compressor - Basically a pump.

2.) Condenser units - Transfers heat from inside the cabin to the outside environment condensing gas refrigerant into a liquid.

3.) Hose - Transports refrigerant throughout the car. Old hose is non barrier hose meaning it's permeable. This type of hose is prone to leak-through thereby progressively degrading the cooling capability of a Porsche's AC system. Old hose should be replaced and if the system is running R12, that can be updated to R134a.

4.) Receiver / drier (R/D) - Collection area for liquid refrigerant and where any moisture in the system is trapped.

5.) Expansion valve (TXV / TEV) & evaporator - Where liquid refrigerant is turned to a gas / vapor. As this occurs in the evaporator, the cool created is transfered to the cabin by the AC blower. 

6.) AC Blower - Mounted by the evaporator, this circulates air thorugh the evaporator then into the cabin.

7.) Refrigerant.

          With a working compressor, a 3 condenser system, barrier hose, a clean intake side on your evaporator, proper evacuation, a correctly weighted charge of R134a refrigerant, all blowers & fans operating correctly, no leaks in the system, an intact engine seal, and the rear condenser's perimeter sealed to the lid, the air from your AC vents should blow near 40 degrees (after 10 minutes of driving) providing you a comfortable cabin even during our peak summer months.

          Not satisfied with your AC system's cooling? We can resolve that interior issue for you. Call (305) 267-0516 for an appointment.



While the principles of evaporative refrigeration have been known for centuries, the fundamentals of mechanical (artificial) refrigeration were first discovered and presented by William Cullen at the university of Glasgow in England in 1748. 

       In simple terms, refrigerant is used to move heat from one place to another. In the case of a car, this means from the cabin to the outside environment. The diagram at right shows a Porsche's AC refrigerant system. A third condenser in the driver's side rear wheel well is added for improved heat evacuation efficiency.


Starting with the compressor as a pump, refrigerant is pushed and compressed in the high pressure side of the system (red line in diagram at right) and on through the condensers. Heat captured in the gaseous refrigerant is transfered to the atmosphere via the condensers. As this occurs, the refrigerant progressively condenses into a liquid. Once in the receiver / drier, the refrigerant is fully condensed into a liquid and any moisture in the system is trapped by a drying agent contained within the receiver / drier unit. Entering the evaporator the liquid refrigerant is turned into a vapor by the thermal expansion valve. This conversion of the refrigerant from a liquid on the high pressure side to a gas on the low pressure side causes a drop in temperature throughout the evaporator. As warm cabin air is circulated through the evaporator by the AC's blower, the refrigerant gas inside the evaporator captures and stores heat from the cabin. What we feel in the cabin as a result of this activity is the cold given off by the evaporator. Heat laden refrigerant gas is sucked back to the compressor (blue line) to begin the cycle again.

       The challenge with AC systems is to correctly charge a given system with just the right weight of refrigerant. Too little and the system will not cool to it's full potential. Too much refrigerant results in high internal system pressure---stressing components. Just the right amount of refrigerant and... maximum cooling is achieved with acceptable operating pressures.

Bottom side of a severely clogged evaporator (below). Allowed to get to this condition, it renders a Porsche's AC system useless. A thorough cleaning is required to revive this AC's cooling ability. We can advise how to prevent a Porsche's AC (evaporator) from getting to this point.

High humidity in South Florida together with the condensation created inside the blower housing fosters growth inside these housings as seen here. We'll glass bead the metal blower and cleanse the inside of the housing to remove all this encrustment. Fresher air and a more efficiently working blower is the result.


Where interior refinements and/or restorations for the street are concerned, we look to you to tell us what you want to achieve. For instance, when refining... quite often this involves seat reformation---going from a non or slightly bolstered seat to a highly bolstered seat similar or exactly like a 930 sport seat. Define the look by providing us a visual reference. Choose the material you like... and provide us a sample or samples. And we'll create your seats. And seating is just one example.



We know visualizing a planned interior comes easier to some than others. With this in mind and if necessary, we can provide you with renderings of your new interior. This can be as simple as a scetch to give you a general impression of the finished product, or, the presentation can be done to very realistic standards via computer rendering. Your choice.



You may wonder where the value to you is in our dealing with your interior development since we're not an upholstery or interior shop? In a nutshell, with our many years of Porsche experience and dealing with resources of all kinds, we know who does what the best. So, rather than you having to seek out, then test a new resource for a given interior project, you can come to us and rely on our expertise and proven relationships. Going to cost you a little more? Yes and no. There's a very high probability our expertise, proven resources, combined with our professional management will actually cost you less when all is said and done. The value to you here genuinely depends on whether or not you're interested in micro-managing your interior project yourself. Of course you're welcome to consult with us to determine the scope of work your interior requires. Doing so will help you make an informed decision no matter what path you choose.


Porsche Racing

With our GT and GTP class experience, you have a wealth of racing expertise available to you with GP Auto Werks. From the simplest of add-ons or refinements to your race car's interior, to entire interior strip & build outs, you're in experienced race hands with our shop. Consult with us first for any competition need you have---we want to see you win. 

          Depending on your class, we might be interested in a sponsorship arrangement. Please contact George Perdomo to discuss. Race resume with references required. (305) 267-0516.  Next Pg  |  Back to Top


Video presentation courtesy of Porsche N.A. Permission on file.

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Making you as safe and comfortable as you choose.