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Porsche PPI

A pre-purchase inspection of any Porsche you're interested in buying is more than an excellent idea, a PPI is a smart investment and here's why:

          Through an expert PPI, you're acquiring professional mechanical insights into the car of your interest---valuable knowledge you'd not have otherwise. It's even possible to end up having more insight than the seller has or, with all due respect, may be inclined to disclose. This intel offers sound basis for pre-purchase negotiation because you know what you're potentially buying into. You'll also have sound justification to walk away from what may clearly qualify as a bad deal.

          Alternatively, an expert PPI can confirm the Porsche you're interested in being in excellent condition. It may even prove the seller has undervalued the car. In any case, the intelligence you gain from a PPI is always worth the investment made in it.

          Sellers naturally want to be confident in whomever is going to inspect their Porsche. The fact is, I've been servicing Porsches including providing PPI's in Miami since 1979... and... I care for a PPI Porsche just like any other customer's car given into my care. Should a seller question who is doing the PPI, my credentials are covered in this website. 

          Intelligent purchasing power. That's what a GP AutoWerks PPI gives you.




Porsche PPI work performed by GP AutoWerks is certified to be unbiased and does accurately represent the conditions as I find and report for the vehicle named in my report. At no time will GP AutoWerks favor a buyer or a seller in regard to a PPI inspection and report. I guarantee this.




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GP AutoWerks is an independent Porsche service & repair shop located in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. Serving both street and race track enthusiasts, GP AutoWerks provides a full range of Porsche mechanical capabilities from simple adjustments to comprehensive engine and transmission rebuilding for both classic and contemporary Porsches. Porsche, the Porsche crest, and Porsche car model names are under licensed use by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) from the owner Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, Porsche AG ("Porsche.") No association or affiliation with Porsche, PCNA or AG is intended or implied by GP AutoWerks who happens to

specialize in service, repair, PPI, modification and restoration of Porsche vehicles. Videos shown are Porsche productions presented for educational & entertainment purposes only. Permission for presentation is on file. Thank you.

Photos of Porsche service & repair, including engine & transmission rebuilds, brakes & suspension, body werks, interior, modification & restoration, and PPI work including parts and cars depict the property of GP AutoWerks' customers. All such images are used in this website with the expressed permission of GP AutoWerks' customers.  Thank you.

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Happy Porsche driving! And remember to please buckle up because being glad you did is a wonderful thing ~~~

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