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Preserving your Porsche's safety, performance and value.


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Porsche factoid:

The first car to bear the Porsche name was the model 356. Made entirely by hand in a saw mill in Gmund, Germany, the production run for the initial 356 totaled some 50 cars and took two years to complete. Beginning with the 356, the models that followed were the 356A, 356B, and 356C. Manufactured from 1948 till April of 1965, 76,313 cars were made, many still running. Perhaps a handful have been maintained in pristine condition.


Circa 1958 - Ferry Porsche with eldest son Ferdinand Alexander (Butzi) at the rear of a Porsche Type 356 A. Butzi went on to assume a significant design leadership role for Porsche and later headed the Porsche Design Group. It was he who designed the 911. Originally presented at the Franfurt Auto Show in 1963 in prototype form, the 911 began public sales in 1964. 





Surly you drive your Porsche unlike any other owner. Perhaps you demand extremely high performance. Or, maybe you drive more casually. In any case, every Porsche operates under unique circumstances. This needs considering---as we do---for intelligent Porsche car care.

         Where parts are concerned, we know some owners prefer genuine Porsche parts... or OEM, the original equipment manufacturers for Porsche parts. Others prefer aftermarket economy. We can advise you of the pros and cons of all part types. And while some like highly technical information about what service or repair was done to their car, others are not interested in the fine details. Point is, our priority is to get to know your personal Porsche interests, driving style, and preferences before all else. 

          By understanding your uniqueness from the start, we equip ourselves to provide you and your car the individual attention and Porsche-care you want and dare we say... need. If this works for you, we're off to a good start. Read on to know more about the scope of Miami-based Porsche services & repair we provide.


Porsche Models Serviced

356 through 991 as well as 928, 944, Boxter, and Cayman.


Scope of Services

We provide comprehensive Porsche service & repairs covering: engine, transmission, brakes, steering, suspension, fuel system, electrical, interior & chassis mechanicals, and air conditioning. With us you'll find all the professional capability necessary to preserve your Porsche's value while maintaining it in peak performance---for road or track.

          By default we maintain customer cars according to Porsche factory specifications. Want to take your car beyond factory specification? Talk to us about any modification you have in mind.


Efficiency & Excellence

Years of Porsche experience exist behind the work we do. Specifically, our Miami shop first operated between 1979-87. After 5 years with two different local Porsche service shops, we reopened to focus exclusively on Porsche in 1992. Given this depth of mechanical experience and Porsche specialization, you can be confident we know you car’s systems inside and out as well as Porsche's factory specs applicable to every component. We also know the right questions to ask of you to intelligently begin the diagnosis process when needed. And we’re good listeners. All of this serves our ability to efficiently preserve the safety, quality, and high performance you expect from your Porsche.

          Efficiency & high performance excellence… If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be pleased to entrust your Porsche into our knowing hands.


World-Class Porsche Servicing & Repairs

We care about quality across the spectrum of our work and the relationships we build. You’re invited to experience this reality with us first hand.

          Fact: We’re a small shop by design. This allows us to control the quality of all the work we do for you & your car to a very high degree---start to finish. We like is this way and think you will too.


World-class servicing. That's our standard. You and your Porsche are the beneficiaries.  Next Pg  |  Back to Top



Porsche® team commentary on the 911 RSR.

Video presentation courtesy of Porsche N.A. Permission on file.

GP Auto Werks


805 NW 159 Drive

Bay #1, Miami, FL




GP Auto Werks is a Porsche service and repair shop located in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. Serving both road and track enthusiasts, GP Auto Werks provides a full range of Porsche maintenance from tunning to expert engine and transmission rebuilding for both classic and contemporary Porsches. Porsche, the Porsche crest, and Porsche car model names are under licensed use by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) from the owner Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, Porsche AG ("Porsche.") No association or affiliation with Porsche / PCNA or AG is intended or implied by GP Auto Werks. Videos shown are Porsche productions presented for education and entertainment purposes only. Permission for presentation is on file. Happy driving! And buckle up because... someone loves you ~


© 2015 GP Auto Werks. All rights reserved.

Independent Miami Porsche service & repair specialists content for smartphone:
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Preserving your Porsche's safety, performance and value.

3.2 liter Motronic engine has just been resealed to eliminate typical oil leaks. While engines are removed from their chassis, we look for other issues both present and looming. Whatever is found is advised to the owner who then has the opportunity to make more economical repairs given their engine being as accessible as it is at the moment.

A Carrera 4 in for electrical issue diagnosis and repair---something is draining the battery while the car is parked. Knowing Porsche systems inside and out, we can find the problem(s), check them to insure the finding is indeed the only cause of trouble, and make repairs as the factory would have them. In this case the stereo's amplifier was wired incorrectly by the system's installer. We switch two wires and the problem's resolved.

In a few minutes, this engine will mate up with its transmission. In another hour and a half, the owner arrives with plans to depart from the shop with his completed 911 on a cross country drive to Colorado. Delivery will be on time as promised.


The confidence our customers have in our work is born from the precision we enjoy working with. 

Inside the Bird Shop* a 356 cabriolet with Speedster behind. Both are in collectible condition. Each is in for regular maintenance. Targa at left is one of GP's Porsches.

* Shop is off Bird Rd.

PPI in progress. So far what is seen is a well cared for car... the only exception at the moment is the car's brake rotors---they are worn beyond factory specifications and should be changed asap... first for safety and secondly for performance purposes given the aggressive way the potential new owner is known to drive. Upon completion of this PPI, our customer is advised of the cost for brake servicing and subsequent issues uncovered including rebuilding the pedal cluster, replacing the internally rusted fuel tank, and changing the external thermostat which is not opening as required. These findings should used to easily negotiate a fair market purchase price for this 911.

A few more adjustments to this engine are needed before the chassis---waiting above this 3.2---is lowered onto it.

Heat is an often-used shop tool aiding in the separation of parts (that would likely break were they forced apart without heat.)