The first car to bear the Porsche name was the model 356. Made entirely by hand in a saw mill in Gmund, Germany, the production run for the initial 356 totaled some 50 cars and took two years to complete. Beginning with the 356, the models that followed were the 356A, 356B, and 356C. Manufactured from 1948 till April of 1965, some 76,313 cars were made, some still running. Perhaps a handful have been maintained in pristine condition.



By default, customer cars are maintained according to Porsche factory specs. Want to take your car beyond factory spec? Say how far you want to go. GP will get you there. If you're out of bounds for any reason, you'll be informed why.

Efficiency & Integrity


From many years of Porsche experience, GP knows what to look for, where, and when there's problem solving to do. Quality workmanship is GP's hallmark. "World-class" is not bragging. That's GP's reality. Yours if you choose.


Test drive 30+ years of Porsche experience


You're invited to step out of your current comfort zone and into a better place. Right now, you can choose to test drive what Porsche experience to know first hand the caliber of Porsche service, repair, genuine expertise can do for you and your Porsche.


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Responsibility of GP AutoWerks as a Master Porsche Mechanic is preserving your Porsche's performance, safety & value. This, always guided by the goals you hold for your car, your budget, and knowing what you want performance wise. Engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, aesthetics, aerodynamics, interior, all are malleable under the authority GP AutoWerks according to your expressed interests.

Porsche Models Serviced


356 through 991, 928, 944, Boxter, and Cayman.


Price when new: $6,490.


Circa 1958 - Ferry Porsche with eldest son Ferdinand Alexander (Butzi) at the rear of a Porsche Type 356 A. Butzi went on to assume a significant design leadership role for Porsche and later headed the Porsche Design Group. It was he who designed the 911. Originally presented at the Franfurt Auto Show in 1963 in prototype

form, the 911 began public

sales in 1964. 


Porsche® 919 Tribute:
End of an era.
Birth of a legend.

Video presentation courtesy of Porsche N.A. Permission on file.

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