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Above: Customer's vision for replacing their nut-on Porsche fuel filter with a spin-on unit.  Original sketch, one of several mechanical drawings, then images of CAD file. Part is CNC'd in 6061 aluminum. CAD Credit: Jim Pedersen, Valiant Engineering. Below: Just-received part is exactly as anticipated. Design for mounting will be fine tuned. Taps for connectors will be made and filter head will be installed together with new fuel lines and injectors. Owner's preference is to nickel plate fuel rails. 




Visualizing ideas comes easier to some than others. With this in mind and if necessary, I can provide you with renderings of what's being conceived. This can be as simple as a quick sketch to provide a general impression of the finished product, or, the presentation can be done to very realistic standards via computer rendering. Ideas can also be modeled to scale.

Materials & Processes


Just about everything can be altered in form and finish. When something needed doesn't exist as sought, it can be made. After the creative process, modern technology plays a vital role in interpreting ideas into reality. No need to be limited in your vision. If it can be done, I can do it for you.



Modified AC control unit developed for Porsche center console. Arduino-driven, unit features 2 1/2" LED displaying various temps and control settings. System operates off temp & humidity sensors placed inside evaporator, outside car, and inside cabin. Above: Presentation with option to include 2 paddle switches between stock Porsche AC control knobs. Below: Build in progress. Dimmer switch is incorporated so display does not annoy at night. Leather covered module fits into existing console cubby.

Low milage Motronic-driven engine has replaced high milage CIS-driven engine in this Porsche modification. Alternative to this swap was to rebuild CIS engine. Customer chose Motronic engine option.


Thinking about an engine modification to boost horse power for racing purposes or for sheer pleasure? I know what needs to be done and how to get you there based on the budget you want to work with. More, my experience means you'll maximize the performance return on your specific investment by my covering all related upgrades necessary---for instance adding a turbo and calling it done will likely have a very bad outcome. Adding boost sensibly requires other modifications to support the increased power output an engine creates under boost. Get this wrong and you'll waste a great deal of money. Get it right, and the word is... amazing!


Porsche Restoration


Restoration is craftsmanship that combines knowledge regarding how a particular year & model Porsche was configured, the ability to source potentially hard-to-find parts, and professional skill in planning & project execution. To give meaning to these restoration facets calls for attention to detail knowing---while in progress---the ultimate outcome will be what it should be: exceptional.

      It's possible for your entire car to be disassembled and literally every nut, bolt, and wire renewed, and every surface refinished... literally nothing left unattended. That's a lengthy production and a significant investment. Some consider only this comprehensive attention to everything being a "restoration." Is it necessary to go to this extreme? For some it absolutely is. For others, it's absolutely not. Point is, a restoration is what you define it to be.

      Most often, Porsche owners don't opt for an entire nut & bolt restoration---time & dollars being excessive. Instead, it's possible to achieve like-new engine & transmission performance together with system-wide functionality, an overall pristine appearance, and accomplish this within a reasonable time frame and with a sensible budget.

      To speak intelligently about restoring your Porsche, you, your Porsche, and I need to meet. Basically, I want to put eyeballs on your car to know first hand what the starting point is. You want to say to me what you want to see for the outcome. Then, it's a matter of our refining a plan, schedule and budget that works.

      Below, 1979 930 restoration recently done at my shop. In this case, the owner wanted: like-new performance, functionality & reliability of all systems, a fresh look inside & out, and the car's stock form being maintained with only minor exceptions. And, this being accomplished within a set time frame and for a reasonable budget. See what you think...


Exterior driver-side view of restord 1979 Porsce model 930 turo


The 935 was Porsche's factory racing version of the 930 prepared for FIA-Group 5 rules. Introduced in 1976, the 935 became one of the most successful racing cars in history. Originally configured with fender mounted headlights, Porsche discovered a rules loophole concerning fender modifications and subsequently redesigned the car's leading edge to minimize drag and increase downforce. The result was the "slantnose."


Protective modification is installation of on-board camera(s). Purpose being to record who-did-what in the event your Porsche is damaged. Typically installed looking forward, adding a rear-looking unit takes coverage a step further. To be very aggressive, side units can be included.

Porsche Modification & Restoration



Your Porsche can be a canvas of sorts---a creative outlet for you to express yourself. Or, to test ideas. A restoration on the other hand can return your Porsche close to its original condition. Just say what's in your head. GP will help turn your Porsche ideas into reality. And... make the journey a rewarding and cost efficient experience for you. It's all Porsche-possible! Results will be nothing less than excellent---because that's the way it is here. 


1979 Porsche 930. To return this car to the form you see it in here required months, attending details at every turn, sometimes running into challenges that are the stuff of restoration legend. Needless to say the owner made a significant investment in this 930. His reason ..."Am playing a small but personally fulfilling role in preserving a slice of Porsche history... and enjoying the ride!"

This represents a comprehensive restoration where aesthetics and performance are attended to a significant level. Details such as the 30 mm gap between the stone guard and fender edge are as the factory originally placed them. Fortunately much of the engine was unmodified so a rebuild and refinishing of parts was done returning both the engine and transmission to like new performance. Electrical issues were corrected so that all the car's lighting works as it did when leaving the showroom. Tool kit was refinished. All systems were refreshed and brought to fine working order. Interior was redone. Worn trim and exterior lenses were replaced with new. Missing rubber bits were installed. Worn paint was redone according to the original paint code---then custom blended to match the car's unrefinished surface. Worn stickers were replaced adding to the car's fresh look. The outcome is not only a classic Porsche that has an amazing appearance, mechanically it's in top operating form. 

Every Inch


Does GP know every inch of your Porsche? Yes. So no matter what you have in mind in regard to modification or restoration... he can put the pieces of the performance and aesthetic puzzle together for you with consummate skill. 


Porsche Knowledge


Provide authority for your Porsche to GP AutoWerks and you'll find true Porsche sports car performance returning to you. That's because: GP knows his stuff. Street stuff. Racing stuff.

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Photo of blue Porsche Targa with custom intake air scoop added
Scale clay model of custom air intake for Porsche 911

Customer's idea for a rear lid scoop. What has yet to be studied is air flow in that area of a Targa. Until air-flow patterns are known at various speeds, and air intake numbers are run, this is an interesting idea the value of which has yet to be proven.

Rebuilt 3.3 ltr. turbo engine for restored 1979 Porsche model 930.
Close up of new 3.3 ltr. turbo engine cooling fan
Rebuilt engine's new oil return tubes and refinished air injection plumbing in restored 1979 Porsche model 930
Restored 1979 Porsche model 930 fuse panel
Restored air conditioning front codenser fan in 1979 Porsche model 930
Front hood of restored 1979 Porsche model 930 is open showing new trunk carpet
Restored front trunk lighting in 1979 Porsche model 930
Restored engine lid light in 1979 Porsche model 930
Restored 1979 Porsche model 930 tool kit
Looking straight down on restored 1979 Porsche model 930 sunroof featuring new seals
Restored sunroof chrome trim and air dam in 1979 Porsche model 930
Restored black leather interior of 1979 Porsche model 930
New engine sticker on restored 1979 Porsche model 930 air intake
Purolator sticker on top of restored 1979 Porsche model 930 air intake
Spare tire operation sticker is original to this restored 1979 Porsche model 930
Close up of restored 1979 Porsche model 930 chin area
Restored 1979 Porsche model 930 stone guard installed 30 mm from fender lips
Close up of Restored Porsche model 930 exhaust area
Restored right head light area showing new "sugar scoop" ring and rubber button inserts in 1979 Porsche model 930
Restored 1979 Porsche model 930 close up of tea tray tail
Porsche black leather interior restored to original condition
Restored 1979 Porsche model 930 steering wheel newly recovered in full grain black leather
Completed restoration of 1979 Porsche model 930 shows car in near new form

Click photos to enlarge

Click photos to enlarge

Close up of bottom side of spin-on fuel filter head for Porsche modification
Close up of Top side of spin-on fuel filter head for Porsche modification
Close up of front side of spin-on fuel filter head for Porsche modification
Custom spin-on fuel filter and inline pressure gauge has been added to Porsche 3.2 engine


Porsche® at the 24th Nurburgring


Video presentation courtesy of Porsche N.A. Permission on file.

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