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Engine & Transmission

Making the most of your power plant and drive train.

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From Porsche's "Revive the Passion"...a factory 911T restoration. 
Engine rebuild commentary.

917 Long Tail

917 Short Tail

Engine & Transmission



Porsche designs and engineers cars for racing purposes first, then takes the knowledge gained from the track to create their production cars. On this basis, Porsche engines & transmissions are not only built for high performance, they're also very durable and extremely reliable when properly cared for. 

          GP Auto Werks offers our customers the benefit of 36 years of Porsche engine & transmission experience. This includes mechanical authority for GT and GTP class race cars---experience that translates into you receiving expert engine / transmission servicing & repairs.


Porsche factoid:

The quintesential Porsche race car of the early 1970's was the 917 series. So dominating was the 917 it is said racing rules were specifically altered to put an end to Porsche winning race after race with the 917.


917 CAN AM Spyder


Following Porsche's Le Mans victory in 1970 and '71, the company redirected their racing efforts to North America and the CAN AM series. Teaming up with the Roger Penske organization, the 917/10 was created with magneseum tubular frame weighing just 100 lbs and a 5 liter turbocharged 12 cylinder engine producing 1,000 hp. In 1972, the 917 was the most powerful racing car in history. On the track, it brought McLaren's CAN AM leadership to a decissive end. The successor to the 917/10 was the 917/30 (the engine increased to 5.4 liters.) In August of 1975, Porsche took the 917/30 to the Talladega race track in an attempt to establish a closed course speed record. With Mark Donahue in the seat, they did so on August 9, 1975 with an average speed of 221.12 miles per hour---a record that endured for 15 years... eventually broken by an Indy car. 

Porsche 917 Long Tail rendering shows the internal structure of the 917 long tail. While small in displacement by comparison to competitors, the 12 cylinder and near 5 liter out performed cars with 8 liters due to among other factors... turbocharging.

917 Long Tail

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Preserving the value, performance and longevity of your engine and transmission requires both receiving proper lubrication. This means using the correct lubricant types, maintaining levels, and changing lubricants including filters on a regular basis. For local Porsche owners and Porsches exclusively, GP Auto Werks provides a special offer to benefit you & your Porsche engine. Call now to learn more about our special Porsche-care offer, 305-267-0516.


Engine Tuning

Earlier model Porsches require manual tuning adjustments on occasion. In this regard, we set clearances and timing to your engine's factory specifications to maintain your engine's optimal performance. Later model Porsches are computer controled. In this area we offer the ability to diagnose electrical issues that can cause performance declines. Our shop's expertise and capabilities span the technological history of Porsche's evolution from mechanical to digital control. No matter what year car you drive, you'll find expert Porsche service & repair capabilities at GP Auto Werks.


Transmission Care

The most noticeable performance decline in manual transmissions is the ability to shift easily / quickly / cleanly from one gear to the next---up or down. The cause is usually syncro wear. Once syncros are worn (and so not functioning as they should,) shifting puts gears at increased risk of damage. Should you experience any noticeable oddity when shifting, we recommend inspecting this condition immediately. It's more economical to replace just syncro rings as compared to also replacing ruined gears.

          '09 model Porsches and up have electronic PDK shifting.

          Transmission oil in most cases should be changed every 15,000 miles. Do this regulary and you will go a long way to preserving the integrity and value of your Porsche transmission.


Clutch Care

Clutches have a wear limit. Once beyond that limit, performance declines. You can preserve your clutch by driving it correctly. Not sure what it means to drive a clutch correctly?... give us a call. We'll gladly explain.


Rebuilding / Restoration

Rebuilding---or restoration as some prefer---is the process of careful disassembly, accurately measuring, visual inspection, precise machining, parts replacement, precision balancing, torqued reassembly, testing, tuning, and proofing. During all these stages we adhere to exacting Porsche factory methods and specs. Ultimately our goal in rebuilding is to return your engine and/or transmission to like-new condition. Of course some parts have pre-existing mileage on them but the parts that experience co-relation and so wear... such key parts will be new or reconditioned according to your predefined goals.

          Our many years of Porsche experience ensures the tight tolerances required of the factory are adhered to with precision. It also means the specialized nuances that make for a reliable and long lasting rebuild are naturally incorporated in all the rebuild work we do. This includes the sealing your Porsche engine to preclude oil leaks as is typical of Porsche's boxer engines.

           While we specialize in rebuilding / restoration according to factory specifications, we also accomodate owners interested in modifying their engines / transmissions during the rebuild process. Speak with us if this interests you and we'll gladly discuss the different directions suitable to your interests.



By default we use genuine Porsche or OEM parts when available. While these parts are typically more expensive than aftermarket, we believe the quality is worth the extra investment. This said, we respect the fact that we're serving you and your car so the choice of parts is ultimately yours to make. We'll advise you of your options, inform you of the pros and cons, and make recommendations according to your preferences. 

          Where classic Porsches are concerned, it's getting to be more of a challenge to find certain parts. The good news is we have resources across the nation and abroad where we can access hard to get items. 


Records / Documentation

Few cars can claim the ability to preserve value as do Porsches. In recent years, certain Porsche models have more than doubled in value. 

          Keeping accurate Porsche service & repair records substanbtiates the care given a car and so, when going to sell your car, your Porsche with records will be worth more than exactly the same car without records.  Next Pg  |  Back to Top



Video presentation courtesy of Porsche N.A. Permission on file.

GP Auto Werks


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GP Auto Werks is a Porsche service and repair shop located in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. Serving both road and track enthusiasts, GP Auto Werks provides a full range of Porsche maintenance from tunning to expert engine and transmission rebuilding for both classic and contemporary Porsches. Porsche, the Porsche crest, and Porsche car model names are under licensed use by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) from the owner Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, Porsche AG ("Porsche.") No association or affiliation with Porsche / PCNA or AG is intended or implied by GP Auto Werks. Videos shown are Porsche productions presented for education and entertainment purposes only. Permission for presentation is on file. Happy driving! And buckle up because... someone loves you ~


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Making the most of your power plant and drive train.

930/Turbo power plant at the beginning of its restoration journey. As you may appreciate from this side view, these engines are plumbing-intense. And beyond the larger control ducts easily seen here are hidden a myriad of even finer lines. Now, imagine taking this entirely apart... then putting it all back together so it runs like a finely tuned watch---that is our expertise.


---If you can do this according to factory specs and with extremely high standards of workmanship, we'd be interested in speaking with you. Please visit our shop with resume and references in hand.

Valve cover being installed. Grey Line gaskets are used as a matter of shop preference. Their sealing performance is beyond all others. Combined with the proper cover cleaning and fastening method, these covers will be vault tight now. This eliminates oil weeping that, when dripping on hot heat exchanges, can ignite and cause an engine fire. It's good thinking to attend oil leaks sooner rather than later.