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Independently Serving

the Greater Miami

Porsche Community

Since 1979


GP AutoWerks is a Miami-based Porsche service,

repair, rebuild & PPI shop with 30+ years Porsche car care experience.  From general maintenance, to factory-spec or custom engine and transmission rebuilds,"GP" offers

comprehensive master Porsche mechanical care and

PPI for classic & contemporary Porsche sport cars.

silver miami porsche driving at high speed
gp performing digital diagnostic on porsche 911 carrera 4

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dirty porsche engine just removed from chassis by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks
porsche engine heading for rebuild has heads removed by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks
clean cylinder seats on porsche engine rebuild by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks
six porsche engine connecting rods laid on tray by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks
clean pistons and cylinders for engine rebuild done by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks
long block porsche engine done by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks
red air shroud installed on rebuilt porsche engine by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks
1979 Porsche 930 with running engine rebuilt by miami porsche engine rebuild specialist gp autowerks

Your GP AutoWerks advantages:


  • You know who's working on your Porsche: George Perdomo.

  • You know your technician's qualifications.

  • Discussion about your Porsche is always with the one servicing it.

  • Work done right the first time---no excuses.

  • Project updates keep to you informed if you choose.

  • Small shop efficiency. 

  • On budget delivery.

  • 30+ years Porsche mechanical experience---street & track.

If this works for you, you're invited to test drive a conversation with GP.

305-588-0874. English & Spanish spoken fluently.

What's in this website


In-depth content covering GP AutoWerks Miami Porsche car care capabilities is provided. Under "Services," you'll find these topics covered:

Porsche Rebuild 

Porsche Handling

Porsche Body 

Porsche Interior

Porsche Resto & Mod

Porsche PPI


You'll also see "Porsche Facts"---editorial information & photos on Porsche's history and cars. There's also Porsche performance videos for entertainment & education purposes. There's more... 


Porsche-care photo gallery


Photo Gallery shows snapshots taken while Porsche service, repairs & rebuilds are being performed on GP customer cars. Each photo is captioned so you know what you're looking at. Tips on Porsche car care are included. See "Photo Gallery."

Engine & Transmission lubrication


The best care you can provide your Porsche's engine & trans is planned oil & filter changes. Oil is literally the cushion your engine & trans lives on. The cleaner your oil the better. You'll find standard, best-practice, and short-run service intervals for your particular oil type in "Oil Change."

Short tale of a long run


GP's mechanical career began in the early seventies. Was mid eighties when he became a dedicated Porsche mechanic. Looking back, and by most professional standards, that's a long run... and it continues. The vast Porsche mechanical knowledge-base GP has encompasses both street and racing. Learn about GP's Porsche credentials here:  "GP Credentials"  

What you get


Having your Porsche serviced or repaired to factory or better standards, within the time frame promised, on budget, and with no BS... that's what you'll get when entrusting your Porsche sports car to GP AutoWerks. Below are preliminary notes on Porsche and some introductory content on the capabilities available to you at GP AutoWerks. Go to "Services" to select the topic that interests you. 

Click on photos to enlarge.

porsche 4-speed transmission being inspected at miami porsche shop of gp autowerks
new and worn porsche syncro rings being compared at miami porsche shop of gp autowerks
new and worn porsche transmission dog teeth compared at miami porsche shop of gp autowerks

Porsche transmission is opened to inspect gears, sliders, dog-teeth and syncro rings for wear. Worn syncro rings and 2nd gear dog teeth are reason this transmission is being serviced. Center: Compare new, rough syncro ring on left to worn-smooth ring next to it on right. Far right: New dog teeth on left compared to removed part on right. Once this transmission is installed, with new syncro rings and 2nd gear dog teeth, my customer will find it shifting like new. 

miami porsche specialist gp autowerks finds 4 broken head studs in porsche engine

Broken head studs are marked in yellow. There are 2 on this side of engine and 2 on other side. All existing, old studs will be removed from engine case and new ARP studs installed. ARPs will last indefinitely.

gp autowerks making front suspension repair in miami porsche
miami porsche specialist gp autowerks' customer's 1974 porsche carrera on road in rocky mountains

Top: Relatively new Porsche with suspension bushing issues made for very poor handling. New bushings return handling to optimal.

Bottom: Customer's lowered '74 Carrera driven from Miami to and through the Rockies. While this depth of lowering allows this Porsche to handle as if on rails---which is precisely what the owner likes---for street purposes this makes for a stiff ride. More, with little road clearance, driver's eyeballs need to be constantly GLUED to the pavement ahead. NOT a ride-height setting advised for a casual Porsche driver.

miami porsche owner and customer of gp autowerks car is parked inside body shop with no door or front hood
1980 porsche 911 targa in miami after gp autowerks adjustments

GP AutoWerks does not do paint & body work. 

GP consults on this type of work for customers ensuring it being done to Porsche standards. Look at top photo and see what's wrong there before reading on. The body shop was immediately advised it being unacceptable to leave this Porsche's hood and interior open while this car was in any work area of theirs---dust getting into every nook & cranny being the issue. (This is a customer chosen body  shop.) Shop in this case was required to plastic-seal this car's openings and, in the end, clean both frunk and interior of the car to the like-new condition it was in prior to it arriving for refinishing. After this Targa left P&B, it came to GP AutoWerks where final positioning refinements were made to hood & door. Car was also lowered to suit owner's handling preferences.

miami porsche interior being repaired and restored at gp autowerks
completed miami porsche interior done by gp autowerks

Porsche's interior is apart for multiple repairs & restoration. Seating was rebuilt and recovered in top grain leather, new dash and headliner were installed. A stock look was maintained throughout this Porsche according to the owner's requirement. 

gp autowerks customer's custom porsche piston reference
Small LED display screen showing Porsche logo on black background at miami porsche shop of gp autowerks
Scale model of Porsche engine lid air intake seen in profile view is modification to fit car model 911 shown at miami porsche shop gp autowerks
Graphic diagram shows wiring modification to miami Porsche electrical system for digital AC control

Customer Porsche modifications in various stages of development.

restored 1979 porsche 930 done at miami porsche shop of gp autowerks

Customer's Restored 1979 Porsche 930. 

Porsche Engine & Transmission Rebuild

The Porsche flat format engine---boxer type engine---is unique among car engine's based on two main factors. First, the pistons are horizontally opposed. In affect, one side of pistons is said to be “boxing” the other side (given the pistons moving directly against each other.) Secondly, early model Porsche's were unique on the basis of being air cooled. This distinction arose from Ferdinand Porsche's original weight reduction interests and simplified manufacturing requirements for the initial Porsche racing car... series 356. In 1998, the last of Porsche's air cooled engine-cars were made. The company has since moved from air to water cooling. The last car Porsche produced with air cooling was supposedly purchased by Mr. Jerry Seinfeld.

      While other auto makers crafted engines, transmissions, and chassis for the sake of retail sales, Porsche's beginnings were race-oriented. On this basis, their engines & transmissions were, from the outset, designed and made to be light-weight, powerful, and durable. The focus being to compete and most importantly... win. The first iteration of Ferdinand Porsche's vision was the model 356. To this day, a few of these original 1950 circa Porsches remain on the road. 


GP AutoWerks offers comprehensive Porsche engine & transmission service, repair & rebuild capabilities. From the simplest tuning of your Porsche's fuel air mixture, oil and filter changing, spark plug replacement, ignition wire replacement, valve adjustment, to checking cylinder sealing efficiency via compression and/or leak-down tests (and from that being able to advise you if the rings, intake or exhaust valves are leaking for any given cylinder), to the complete factory-standard (or better) rebuild of your Porsche engine & transmission... GP can expertly address any need you have in this area. 305-588-0874

To Porsche Engine & Transmission "Rebuild" page.

Porsche Handling

Much of the Porsche experience is about how a Porsche handles. And not to be critical of front engine Porsches, it's the original positioning of the engine and transmission to the car's rear that is at the root of why a Porsche feels & handles---for the most part---as it does. Of course there's much more to consider: geometry, weights & distribution, aerodynamics, suspension, ride height and tires. These are just a few of the ingredients that comprise what creates the handling experience of a rear engine Porsche. On a performance scale, Porsche ranks among the top handling cars ever. This is not coincidence. It comes from Porsche's dedication---from the very beginning: to race... and win.

What do You want in terms of handling from your Porsche? If you're not sure, talk to GP. He'll help you answer this interesting question. If you know, he can help you understand your Porsche's current status and what's required in order to achieve the handling you want---be it for street or race track. 305-588-0874  To Porsche "Handling" page.

Porsche Body

Porsche body design is like no other---the 911 form being classic. And to think, Porsche once considered replacing the 911-type in their product line with the 928. This decision was based on Porsche's thinking at the time that, with the introduction of the 930, nothing more could be done with the 911 platform. Corporate leadership subsequently changed at Porsche. And so to did the future of the 911 platform---it continued and has become the iconic body form that represents the Porsche brand.


Correcting body damage from accidents is NOT what GP AutoWerks does. The role GP plays in regard to Porsche body work is two-fold: First, GP serves as a consultant answering questions as to what mechanical damage may have occurred from an accident---unless a body shop is provenly very Porsche-familiar, it is advisable to NOT rely on that body shops mechanical damage diagnose. GP offers the capability to repair any mechanical damage and will co-ordinate GP shop work with whatever body shop you choose to work with. Secondly, GP AutoWerks is experienced in the alterations that you may want to make to your Porsche's body. Flares, spoilers/wings, etc.---body alterations for either aesthetics and/or performance driving. Within reason, nothing is impossible with your Porsche. It's a matter of creativity, expert engineering and build-ability that you'll find at GP AutoWerks. To Porsche "Body" page.

Porsche Interior

A Porsche interior is one of the finest in the market for a sports car of its' class. Everything is ergonomically designed with today's Porsche interiors keeping pace with features found in most luxury sedans.

In Miami, the interior topic that raises the most interest is air conditioning. More to the point, AC that delivers cold air from the vents. There's a good deal of AC information available in the "Interior" section.

       If your interior is worn, or not to your liking either aesthetically or in regards to some comfort consideration, GP can help sort that out for you. Bear in mind, GP AutoWerks does not do reupholstering. GP's role---when called for---is to disassemble parts for reupholstering... supervise the reupholstering work if needed/wanted... then reassemble interior parts. You're Porsche interior is then completed both aesthetically and mechanically as it should be. 

        For personal physical considerations that require specific interior adjustments---adjustments that are beyond the scope of the adjust-ability built into your Porsche's controls---GP can answer your needs. Such adjustments may include but not be limited to seat position, seat form, steering column positioning, shifter positioning, seat belts/harnesses, and roll cage structures. Consult with GP to determine what degree these areas of your Porsche's interior can be modified to suit you. To Porsche "Interior" page.

Porsche Resto & Mod / Restoration & Modification

Restoration is restoring a Porsche to some level of its original form and condition. This may encompass part or all of a car. The work GP does in regard to restoration is NOT an every nut & bolt resto. See the "Resto" section for more info.

      When this website refers to Porsche Mod, that refers to alterations from a car's stock configuration to non-stock. This can be be for performance and/or aesthetic reasons. In this realm, GP creates and makes changes according to customer-inspired ideas of all sorts. If you have a vision you want to see come to life on or in your Porsche, GP can offer expert guidance and production capabilities. To Porsche "Resto & Mod" page.

Porsche PPI

PPI is the acronym for "Pre-Purchase Inspection." It refers to the professional inspection made of a given Porsche for the purpose of knowing what condition a given car is in prior to a purchase. And so, knowing what costs may be anticipated to achieve the condition level a potential buyer wants. Bottom line: PPI enables a Porsche buyer to make an informed decision concerning the potential purchase of a pre-owned Porsche. 

To Porsche "PPI" page.


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miami porsche ppi at gp autowerks in progress

30+ years of Porsche mechanical experience is going into this GP PPI in progress. This Porsche is eventually bought with the new owner knowing what work/dollars were ahead to put the car in fully reliable working order. The seller was also satisfied that the PPI correctly represented the condition of his car with GP explaining to him, in detail, the status of the car.



GP AutoWerks:


7011 S.W. 46th Street

Miami, FL 33155


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Independently Serving

The Greater Miami

Porsche Community

Since 1979


GP AutoWerks

Miami's Master Porsche Mechanic

For Classic & Contemporary Porsche Sport Cars.


Disclaimer: Porsche, the Porsche crest, and Porsche car model numbers & names are under licensed use by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) from the owner Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, Porsche AG ("Porsche.") The PCA logo is the property of the "Porsche Club of America." The "Porsche Museum" name is the property of Porsche. No association or affiliation with Porsche, PCNA, The Porsche Museum, or PCA is intended or implied by GP AutoWerks, an independent Miami-based Porsche service, repair, rebuild & PPI shop that offers comprehensive Master Porsche mechanical care for classic & contemporary Porsche sports cars---356 through 991, 928, 944, Boxster, and Cayman. Editorial content is provided in this website including both text & photos. Editorial photos are presented with a box rule around them. Any use of the word "safe" or "safety" in this website holds a car's owner and/or driver ultimately responsible for all matters concerning the standing, driven, or otherwise in use vehicle. Credits: Videos are Porsche productions presented for educational & entertainment purposes only. Permission for presentation is on file. Outlined photos are editorial content. Photos of Miami Porsche service, repair, rebuilding and PPI depict the property of GP AutoWerks' customers. All such photos are used with the expressed permission of GP AutoWerks' customers whose permission is into perpetuity. Photography, unless credited otherwise, is © 2015-2020 Karl Hansen. All rights reserved. Photo captions are provided to reflect photo content and credits appear where due.

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GP AutoWerks

Miami's Master

Porsche Mechanic

For Classic &



Sport Cars.

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Independently Serving

the Greater Miami

Porsche Community

Since 1979

GP AutoWerks is a Miami-based Porsche service, repair, rebuild  & PPI shop with 30+ years Porsche car care experience. From general maintenance, to factory spec or custom engine and transmission rebuilds, GP offers comprehensive Master Porsche mechanical care and PPI for Porsche sport cars.

Tap photos in site for captions.


miami porsche engine at last stages of GP rebuild
Defective bushing replaced in front left suspension of miami porsche by gp autowerks
chain housing cover being installed in miami porsche by george perdomo
miami porsche steering wheel and gauge cluster in excellent condition
porsche engine with pistons exposed at gp autowerks shop in miami
2017 Porsche Turbo S is on car lift for PPI
Porsche Logo on Porsche Service Repair P
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